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Drive down the cost of maintaining your vehicle this Winter

Keeping your vehicle clean is an indispensable method of portraying a company image of quality and respectability whilst out on the road. Regular cleaning is also important to the overall safety of a vehicle, and is a requirement of some test procedures. Swarfega® understands that whilst keeping vehicles clean, keeping your business costs down are also a key priority.

Vehicles should be cleaned as part of a regular maintenance programme to maintain their appearance. Rust will settle in to the exterior and parts begin to corrode in the undercarriage, unless regular cleaning and preventive measures are taken.

It will be noticed by the public when companies go the extra mile to portray a professional image whilst on the road. Clean vehicles with a clear message can have a large positive affect on how your company is considered by customers.

So it’s going to cost an arm and a leg to keep my vehicle in top condition?

No, with the extensive Swarfega Powerwash range from Deb, you can reduce the cost of cleaning your vehicles. The recognised and respected brand famed for professional automotive cleaning performance brings you a superb range offering everything you need to meet any of your vehicle requirements at an economical price.

Phil Spark, Business Development Director at Deb explains “All the products in the Swarfega Powerwash range can be used on vehicle bodywork, engines and chassis.”

“Designed for specific cleaning needs such as sensitive surfaces, curtain siders and pre-MOT cleaning, the range offers high performance cleaning power that not only prolongs the life of the vehicle, but reduces costs.”

How does the Swarfega® Powerwash® range save me money?

Unlike normal traffic film removers, a number of the Swarfega Powerwash products can be heavily diluted, yet still produce a top quality product. Dilution rates vary from ready-to-use specialist products (no dilution) to 1 part chemical to 7 parts water, which can make up to 200 litres of ready-to-use traffic film remover from a 25 litre drum.

The concentrated products include 2.5, 25, 200 and 1000 litre pack sizes. Simply add water to the detergent at the recommended dosage for the soiling to create the ready-to-use TFR. The specialist 2.5 litre pouch style packaging of Swarfega Powerwash Ultra Concentrate reduces storage requirements and produces 25 litres of ready to use TFR when diluted with water to give maximum economy.

The range of ready-to-use products have been designed to be used directly from the drum for maximum convenience with no need to add water.

The specialist products have been designed for specific vehicle cleaning requirements such as sensitive surfaces, curtain siders and pre-MOT cleaning.

Contact Swarfega today to discover how their Powerwash range of traffic film removers can save you money, whilst maintaining your business image on the road.